Let’s find out about the companion lottery

Let’s find out about the companion lottery

Let’s find out about the companion lottery

Donghaeng Lottery is an official lottery operator in Korea and is operated by the Korea Lottery Commission.

It offers various kinds of lottery games, and the most famous of them is Lotto. 카지노사이트

Lotto is a game in which participants select and match 6 numbers from 1 to 45. A lottery is held every Saturday,

and you can also purchase it at retailers and online stores across the country.

The winning of the lottery is determined by the number of matches between the selected number and the drawn number.

Various prizes are given depending on the number of matches, and the first prize is mainly a large jackpot.

Companion Lottery uses part of the national proceeds to contribute to society. Proceeds from lottery sales go to the national budget

and are used to support various social programs such as culture, sports, and welfare, as well as to support the socially disadvantaged.


In addition to lotto, the companion lottery offers various lottery games.

Some games include scratch, number baseball,real-time horse racing, and bicycle racing. Each of these games has a different rule and prize structure, and participants can participate by purchasing tickets at lottery stores.

Companion lotteries are regulated and supervised by the state for transparent and fair operation.

The draw process is open to the public, and the results are announced in a credible manner.

In addition, the prize money can be received through the lottery store or the accompanying lottery headquarters with your ID card within the specified period.

Lottery games are a form of gambling that relies on good luck, so it is important for participants to maintain self-regulation

and set an appropriate budget. Excessive gambling can cause personal economic problems, so responsible participation in the game is necessary.