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Sub-Divisional Magistrate Office

There are three Sub-Division ie. Gurgaon, Nuh and Firozpur Jhirka, in District Gurgaon. Each Sub-Division is headed by Sub-Divisional Magistrate {SDO(Civil)} Gurgaon Sub-Division consists of four tehsils viz. Gurgaon, Pataudi and Sohna. Nuh Sub-Division consists of two tehsils viz. Nuh,Taoru and Firozpur Jhirka consists of two tehsils viz. Firozpur Jhirka, Punhana.

Following type of works are handled by these office for service & benefit of public.

  1. Registration/Renewal/Transfer etc. of vehicles.
  2. Grant/Renewal of driving licenses etc.
  3. Issue of Domicile/Resident certificates and SC/BC/OBC certificates.

The following formalities should be completed before one approaches this office for any work.

Motor Vehicle Registration Branch

All vehicles for "personal use" are registered in this office. Transport vehicles i.e. those used for hire or reward are registered in the office of D.T.O. The vehicles should be got registered with in a period of seven days from the date of purchase. The application (Form No.20) duly filled and signed should be accompanied by the following documents:-

  1. Form No.21 (Sale Certificate).
  2. Form No.22 (Initial certificate of fitness).
  3. Invoice (Bill issued by the dealer).
  4. Attested Copy of insurance receipt.
  5. Form No.60 (Declaration for Income Tax purposes) It is required where the amount of bill is above Rs.50000/-.
  6. Proof of residence such as attested copy of voter list,Photo Identity card, Ration Card, Electricity/Telephone bill, LIC policy, Passport, Pay slip,House Tax receipt etc.

The vehicles are required to be produced before the District Inspector of Police, Gurgaon for inspection before submitting the documents in the office of S.D.M. Vehicles are registered for 15 years and lump sum tax is charged at the time of registration. The fees charged for different vehicles are as under :-

Following Documents are required to be submitted :-

  1. Form 29 & 30.
  2. Original R.C.
  3. Copy of Insurance.
  4. N.O.C.
  5. Affidavit of seller.


Type of Vehicle With  Loan (Rs.) Ordinary (Rs.)
Moped( Non-Geared) 460.00 360.00
Scooter/Motor Cycle 810.00 710.00
Car (4 sitters) 2500.00 2350.00
Car (5 sitters) 2900.00 2800.00
Van (8 sitters) 4100.00 3500.00
Jeep (10 sitters) 4900.00 4800.00
Tractor 610.00 510.00


Applicant must be above 18 years of age. Learner license is issued in the first instance. Persons of the age of 16 years and above are eligible for license of Moped only.An application for learner license should be submitted in form 2 alongwith the following :-

  1. Declaration of physical fitness in Form-1
  2. Two passport size photographs
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Proof of age such as Matriculation certificate, Birth certificate etc


After atleast 42 days of grant of learner license, one can apply for permanent license in Form No. 4. After appearing for driving test before District Inspector of Police, the application form along with original learner license should be submitted in the office of S.D.M. There is no need for photographs for Permanent License, as photograph of the applicant is taken by the Computerized System, wherever it is in operation.


  1. For learner license :- Rs.60/- for Scooter/M.Cycle/Car/Jeep/Tractor is charged
  2. For permanent license :- Rs. 250/-  for Scooter / M.Cycle / Car / Jeep /Tractor are charged
  3. Rs. 150/- is charged for addition of each vehicle
  4. Rs. 150/- is charged for renewal of license(in time)
  5. Rs. 100/- is charged for duplicate of license


Eligible persons of rural area should submit the application after getting the report of concerned Tehsildar. Similarly for Urban areas, the report of E.O/Secretary of the Municipal council/Committee should be obtained before submission of application in the office of Sub Divisional Magistrate.

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