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Tourist Places

GURGAON (Tehsil Gurgaon)

The headquarters of the district of the same name, Gurgaon town, having an altitude of 229 meters, lies at a distance of 32 km from Delhi on Delhi Bikaner railway in 28° 28' 0" North Latitude and 77° 01' 43" East Longitude. The town was first occupied by cavalry unit posted to watch the army of Begum Samru of Sirdhana, whose principal cantonment was at the village of Jharsa, 1.5 km to the south east of the town. The principal buildings of interest include Cawn Sarai, Nehru Stadium and Kamla Nehru Park. About 1.0 km away from the Gurgaon town is a village by the same name which is known far and wide for its temple of [SHEETLA MATA ](1 km from bus stand) where a fair is held every Monday and Tuesday. Mata Sheetla known to be wife of Guru Dronacharya. Every year during the month of March and July, a fair is held. People from every part of nation visit to this religious temple. Administration is provided all type of assistance to public/people in terms of their lodging,boarding, travelling arrangement.

SOHNA (Tehsil Sohna)

This town having a altitude of 230 meters, is situated on the highway from Gurgaon to Alwar, 24 km from Gurgaon and 56 km from Delhi. It lies in 28° 14' 51" North Latitude and 77° 05' East Longitude. Sohna is a corrupted form of Sona which means gold. The town is said to have derived its name from the gold dust which was found after heavy rains in the beds of the neighbouring torrents. The town is of great antiquity and has been occupied in succession by three different races, viz. the Kambhos, the Khanzadas and the Rajputs, traces of which still exist in the extensive ruins by which the town is surrounded.

The town is specially remarkable for its hot springs.In ancient times, it was a place of rishis and the main kund (tank) was called Shiv Kund. During Mughal period, Akbar on his visit to this palace had praised the place as one of the best in suburbs of Delhi.Famed for medicinal properties, these Sulphur springs were visited by foreign tourists during the British period. Now the government has developed this place into a tourist and pilgrim center.

A number of Painted Grey sites have been found spread over the Gurgaon district. A brief account of some of the more important sites is given below.

NUH (Tehsil Nuh)

Nuh, the headquarters of the Tehsil of the same name and having an altitude of 190 meters, is situated about 45 km south of Gurgaon on Delhi-Alwar Road. It lies in 28° 06' 19" North Latitude and 77° 00' 09" East Longitude. The town assumed important in the time of Bahadur Singh of Ghasera because of the trade in Salt which was manufactured in the neighboring villages. To the west of the town is fine masonry tank of red sandstone with a chhatri possibly connected with the name of Chuhi Mal, adorned with beautiful floral designs. The tomb of Sheikh Musa, an example of the combination of Muslim and Rajput architecture, is at a distance of about two km and half from town. It is famous for its shaking minarets. The shaking of the minarets can be distinctly felt. There are two monuments in village Kotla about 6.5 km south of Nuh. These are 'MOSQUE' and the tomb of Bahadur Khan Nahir. In these buildings, red sandstone and Grey quartzite are skillfully combined in a very effective and well-built structure. Over the ruined gateway is an inscription giving the date of its building as A.D. 1392-1400.

PATAUDI (Tehsil Pataudi)

Pataudi the hqrs of tehsil of the same name and having an altitude of 280 metres, lies at about a distance of 29 km from Gurgaon, and in 28 ° 19' 29" North Latitude and 76 ° 46' 36" east Longitude. The town was found in the reign of Jalal-ud-Din Khilji by a Mewati Chieftain, Pata, who named it Pataudi, which seems to have been corrupted to Pataudi. During Aurangzeb's reign, it was made a pargana and was attached to Rewari. But in 1803, it was granted as Jagir to Faiz Talab Khan. The palace of the Nawab of Pataudi, built in 1934, is a remarkable building. It has a cricket ground in its premises. There is famous temple of Mahadeva at Inchapuri, about 8 km from town. A fair is held here during November. Ashram Hari Mandir Sanskrit Vidyalaya is worth paying a visit.

Ferozpur Jhirka (Tehsil Ferozpur Jhirka)

Ferozepur Jhirka, the headquarters of the tehsil of the same name and having an altitude of 205 meters, is situated on the main road from Gurgaon to Alwar, about 82 km south of Gurgaon. It lies in 27° 47' 40" North Latitude and 76 ° 56' 34" East Longitude. The town is said to have been founded by Firoz Shah Tughluq as a military post for putting down neighbouring turbulent tribes. The old part of the town is rectangular in shape and surrounded with a high wall which is now in ruins. This place is called Jhirka because of a Jhir, a spung, from a perennial stream which issues from a number of fissures in the rocks nearby.


A town in the Gurgaon tehsil and having an altitude of 220 meters, it lies in 28° 27'09" North Latitude and 76° 49'30" East Longitude at a distance of about 21 km from the tehsil/district headquarters to the north-west near the boarder of the Rohtak district. The town, octagonal in shape was founded by a Baluch chief, Faujdar Khan, who was a Governor appointed by emperor Farrukhsiyar, after whom the place was presumably named. The tourist attraction is Jami Masjid built of Agra red stone, which was constructed by Faujdar Khan. It is ornamented with a commemorative marble tablet. Besides, two slabs of red sand stone are affixed in the southern wall of courtyard. There is also a shrine of Budho Mata situated at Mubarakpur, a village about 5 km from Farrukhnagar.





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